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Mapas Project, Wired Humanities Project, University of Oregon

The Mapas Project has as its focus the digitization and study of colonial Mexican pictorial manuscripts. The term "mapa" was used loosely in New Spain to refer to pictorials that may or may not have had a cartographic dimension, but often showed the territories or landscapes of indigenous communities. The site’s creators would like to expand the number of manuscripts under study at this site, and welcome Archives and museums to offer additional manuscripts for incorporation. They also seek comments, alternative transcriptions, suggested translations, and interpretations from interested scholars, and intend to incorporate such input into the site. The Mapas Project is a distance research experiment of the Wired Humanities and Feminist Humanities Projects of the Center for the Study of Women in Society. The site currently includes digital versions of two Mexican pictorial manuscripts located in the Museum of Natural History at the University of Oregon. These manuscripts illuminate aspects of life in Nahua and Zapotec communities after Spanish colonization. These and several other pictorial manuscripts are being developed as works in progress. Please write to Stephanie Wood (swood@uoregon.edu) for the passwords necessary to access this site while it is under construction.

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