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Newberry Library
Street:60 W. Walton St.
Postal Code:60610-7324
Contact Information
Name:Brian Hosmer
Title:Director, D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian History
Notes: The Director is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

About the Repository
The Handbook of Middle American Indians (1975), v. 15, pp. 444-446, provides a list of the holdings of the Newberry Library, including eight original pictorial manuscripts, nine copies of pictorial manuscripts, three Techialoyan manuscripts, four falsified pictorial manuscripts, two related manuscripts, and nine prose manuscripts. The original pictorials include the Financial Accounts of Cuitlahuac, the Carte de la Ville de Temascaltepec, the Ayer Map of Teotihuacan, the Map of an Unidentified Locality, the Plan of Uniedentified Property, the Document concerning property of Petronila Francisca and Constantino de San Felipe in Xochimilco, the Genealogy of Pedronila and Juliana of Xochimilco, and the Document relating to the descendants of Don Miguel Damian. Copies of pictorial manuscripts include the Book of Chilam Balam of Ixil, the Codex Paris, the Mapa de Sigüenza, the Tira de Tepechpan, the Lienzo de Tetlama, the Veytia Calendar Wheel no. 4, the Waldeck Judgment Scene, the Codice Xolotl (two details), and the Genealogía de Zolin. The Techialoyans are associated with Cempoala (or Zempoala), Tepotzotlan (second fragment), and San Miguel Tepexoxouhcan and San Miguel Quaxochco (or Cuaxochco). Keywords for additional holdings include: Azcapotzalco, Zarenba, Ternaux-Compans, Castañeda, Huitzitzil Tzunun, Ajpop, Ixil, Ixtlilxochitl, Muñoz Camargo, Popol Vuh, Tizimin, and Chilam Balam.

Web Access and Catalog Information
Web Site URL: http://www.newberry.org/nl/newberryhome.html
This URL: <http://www.newberry.org/nl/collections/L3cover.html> does not change even while you navigate within it. If you look at “A Visual Sampling of the Library's Collections,” you’ll find a small digital image of a colonial Mexican map (Hernando Cortes, Praeclara Ferdinandi Cortesii, 1524). Nothing else is digitized, except for the catalog. One has the option of searching the Newberry’s online catalog: http://www.newberry.org/nl/collections/virtua.html. Searches will bring up catalog entries about original manuscripts.

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1 collection listed in the VMA.

1 Edward E. Ayer Collection

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